Harvard University Tops World University Ranking for Fifth Year Running

Harvard once again tops the world university ranking in a research done by QS World University and produced by Times Higher Education magazine.

Seems like every magazine and every source that conducts a university ranking has a different system distinguishing the schools. Harvard has been on top of this particular list for five years straight, but some other sources have given the nod to Princeton or Yale.

U.S. and U.K. universities continue to dominate an annual ranking of the world’s top 200 higher education institutions, with Harvard heading the table for the fifth year running, Yale in second place and Britain’s Cambridge and Oxford third and fourth, respectively.

Other U.S. universities in the top 10 were California Institute of Technology, at No. 5, and the University of Chicago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University, which were eighth, ninth and tenth; Imperial College London and University College London were sixth and seventh.

U.S. universities occupy 20 of the top 50 slots and British ones eight; the leading university from elsewhere is Australian National University at No. 16.

The University of Tokyo is 19th, Canada’s McGill University 20th, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology 24th and France’s Ecole Polytechnique 28th.

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